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Stop overpaying! 5 reasons to ditch the middle men TODAY

Why should you even consider purchasing directly from the manufacturer? It's a great question, with Amazon, Overstock and other large online retailers offering products at significant discounts, one can argue that the appeal of buying direct isn't what it once was, particularly when it comes to saving money.  I'm here to tell you there still are some very great advantages in buying an item directly from me, as opposed to buying one somewhere else. 



Manufacturers don't usually have the costs associated with a brick and mortar store, they have no overhead for their storefront, and don't have to worry about really high rents in nice and up-and-coming neighborhoods. Manufacturers also don't have sales people, they usually don't have a marketing department focused on PR and customer leads, at Bryer, my main focus is on the Product, I strive to create an amazing design, that will delight even those that are usually hard to please while maintaining the highest standard in quality materials and craftsmanship. I don't worry about mannequins, about our sales people getting commissions, or about whether we can still afford to keep the store open at the mall. 



Although some of the biggest e-retailers can be pretty reliable, you might run into an issue with warranties. The fine line in any warranty could shorten the time frame the warranty will remain valid. When shopping directly from Bryer, we keep a record of the purchase in our database. You know for certain the item will be covered. Still, if your purchase comes from a reseller and not directly from us, make sure the seller has a solid reputation.



When working directly with my team and me on your order, you get the knowledge that accumulates with years of experience in everything from design to utility. You can rest assure that we have a local help desk; we will never use an outsourced hotline to mitigate our issues between you and the team. 



When we create a product, we price it so that it makes business sense for us to make it in the first place, (we are a business after all). To calculate the price, we take the total cost of the materials; add the time it takes to make the piece and come up with what we believe is representative of what the piece is worth. This translates into the complete elimination of mark-ups that usually are accounted for in store bought items. When you buy directly from us, we don't split the profit with anyone else, thus making the product as cost effective as possible.



The benefits of buying direct have been around forever, and everyone knows it’s the best way to go when available, so why don't we do it all the time? It’s because manufacturers RARELY make themselves available to the general public. It’s the same reason Tesla is such an innovator in its field, they want to give consumers the CHOICE of buying directly from the source. We make that possible and available through our site! You don't need a seller's permit, or a Tax ID to purchase anything from us, all you need is a computer and a valid credit card! 

Ditch the middle men, and make sure you go straight to the source! It’s the best way to get high quality goods at the fairest prices. 

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