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Avoid Lifelong Injury: Slim Down your Wallet!


We were taught from an early age that our wallets (as men) go in our back pockets, and although this isn't a bad thing in and of itself, it gets really bad when the wallet we speak of looks like tame version of George Costanza’s wallet.  The big problem: a wallet in your back pocket can hurt your posture and cause back, neck and shoulder pain.

I am referring to sitting on your wallet for prolonged periods of time. Asymmetrical posture causes muscles to compensate over long periods and can cause pain as a result of tension in the low back and hips.  Think of it as having a tent canopy with collapsible legs set up, but lowering the legs on one side by two inches and leaving them fully extended on the other side. This produces stresses on the joints at the top, albeit subtle ones. In the body, the “hardware” connecting these symmetrical structures are all living and adaptive, so they change tensions over time. This leads to long-term consequences and faster wear and uneven tensions (and, as such, pain, since the body can feel) for the structure as a whole.  These are all understood concepts in physiology and in musculoskeletal pathophysiology, and are anything but radical claims. They are directly drawn from simple physics and physiology, and are explained by and treated by orthopedists, physical therapists and other health practitioners alike.

It is important now more than ever that you take care of yourself and your body, don’t let an overstuff wallet be your cause of pain. Our three wallets are specifically designed to be ergonomically sound, they are slim by design, and our Minimalist is so slim, it fits in your front pocket!



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