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Why Bryer Leather?

Why Bryer Leather?
I, Thomas Brierton created Bryer Leather with a single goal in mind: Build the best leather products available, using high quality materials sourced from the US and make each one to order, by hand, in California. I'll explain below why Bryer Leather is exquisitely superior to other leather brands out there.

 Leather. The leather used to create the Bryer Collection is sourced directly from Horween Leather, the oldest tannery in the United States. Still operating in its native Chicago, they continue to be family owned after five generations. The reason I fell in love with them is the way Horween cultivated its experience to offer dynamic lines of leathers. Like Bryer, all Horween leathers are still made by hand, the same way they were done generations ago. This traditionalism, attention to detail and deep colors and textures are what keep me coming back! I could keep writing about them for the rest of this entry, but if you are really interested, read all about Horween here to find out why they are truly one of a kind when it comes to consistency, quality, and longevity of the material.

 Thread. When crafting Bryer products, it is imperative to use the highest quality thread, after many trials and errors, bags coming undone and seams coming un-sewn, I am convinced the thread I use is really the best available. My thread ensures that the stitching in the bags will last and not fray or become fuzzy, and weak with extended use and time. Additionally, every single thread strand used in my products is waxed by hand, I find this makes the thread stronger, and gives an overall cleaner appearance. 

Hardware. Same as with my thread, I am convinced that the hardware I use comes from the highest quality sources, with all the pieces being of strong materials and created with durability in mind. None of that cheap hardware that will break if you pull on a shoulder strap a bit too hard. The D-Rings used across the Bryer product line come from a  factory that has been doing this for decades and has truly perfected the art. Our zippers are strong and durable, sourced from Riri or YKK and I pride myself in saying I would never use a plastic zipper that couldn’t withstand the test of time.

 Lined Products. All Bryer Leather products are lined using high quality fabrics, this extra step may take a long time as opposed to creating a bag that has no liner, but the increase in quality is exponential and the beautiful design make lining each piece worth my time. A great liner gives the bag character, and creates a personalized look and feel that most of my competitor’s can’t offer. Additionally, it increases the durability of the piece as a whole because it helps the structure of the leather by providing reinforcement and avoiding overstretching.

 Made to Order. The idea of Bryer Leather ignited when I realized the market didn’t have an option for me when I was looking for a custom bag. I decided to try to make my own, it took me about a month, (endless frustrations and a lot of failed attempts) but when I was finished: I was hooked. Slowly and very organically, this has turned into a bit more than a hobby. All Bryer bags are made to order, one at a time and by hand, everything from the leather color, to the thread color is your own choice, who else does that?

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