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Bryer Leather's 5 Tips for Proper Leather Care


At Bryer Leather, I believe in the concept of buying something once. It is my goal that your product lasts a lifetime. I prefer to work with leathers that develop a rich patina over time. The regular wear and tear makes your item look better, and lets them show your story. 


The tips below will help you maintain your leather looking its best.


Tip #1 – What if the leather gets wet?

If your item ever gets wet: Dry it slowly. Speed drying leather changes its chemical structure, and you end up with stiff crinkle cut chaos. Aim for room temperature drying with gentle air rather than direct heat time (as with a hair-dryer). Shape the item back to its original shape, as leather will remember the shape it was when wet.


Tip #2 – What if the leather gets too hot?

If leather gets too dry: Rub something moist into it. Pick a light leather dressing or cream that is made from reasonably natural ingredients and doesn't have coloring in it. I personally recommend Leather Honey, although each country has very different products, and you are free to do your research and find the best product to fit your style (some will make the leather darker, while others will make it glossy if it contains a sealant and a conditioner). 


Tip #3 – What if the leather gets dirty?

If leather gets dirty: Just use a damp cloth and rub the area until it’s cleaner, try not to get it wet. For really dirty leather, I use Leather Soap and a damp cloth and rub the entire item in a circular motion.  

The moisturizing cream works to nourish the leather, ensuring the material maintains its flexibility and does not dry out with age. It permeates the leather while still allowing it to breathe. Serves as an excellent preventive measure against potential cracking and wear.


Tip #4 – How do I prevent leather from overstretching?

Leather stretches out, but not back: If you start to overfill a wallet, it will never really return to its former taut self. If you stretch a leather bag when wet or very humid, it will move even faster. Just learn to carry the right amount, and this issue takes care of itself.


Tip #5 – How do I safely store leather items?

Don't wrap it in plastic, as your leather needs to breathe. The goal is to prevent any mildew so keep some ventilation going. A burlap bag or a cotton cloth bag sealed to prevent dust is ideal.

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